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[18+] Freya (Nutaku) - VER. 1.52 Unlocked Content MOD APK

[18+] Freya (Nutaku) - VER. 1.52 Unlocked Content MOD APK

[18+] Freya (Nutaku) Unlocked Content MOD APK

[18+] Full Unlock Freya [Nutaku] Mega Hack V 1.52 Update VIP APK

Hacks :

1. Full Images Unlocked

Welcome to what is hailed as "the most magnificent and splendid competition in human history since the 21st century!" Set amidst virtual realms, it is a stage where myriad female players can battle, vying for their honour and glory! The Dreamy Maiden Fighting Championship! These maidens' dreams shall transform into formidable powers, unleashing their strength in the arena. Let the world witness their dazzling dreams! When sponsors align with the dreams of these maidens, it amplifies their power in the competition! The victorious maiden achieves her dream and attains the highest honour! Sponsors, in turn, reap astonishing benefits, gaining immense prominence. Today, let us forge the mightiest enterprise through sponsorship!

As "you," the leader and CEO on the brink of adversity, hastily assemble a team to once again venture into the arena, leaving no stone unturned to seize the league championship. Yet, the journey is fraught with peril! Can you ultimately stage a comeback... against all odds?

Ÿ   Embark on the journey of conquest! Engage in fierce battles one after another with numerous "Corporate Maidens" in the Dreamy Fighting Championship, setting foot on the path to domination!

"Create fond memories with the esteemed CEO and a host of 'Corporate Maidens'!"


Ÿ   Bring the wives home~! Heartwarming 300 consecutive draws, an abundance of generous rewards that make your hands full, what's this about being a "Master of All Maids," "Gotta Catch 'Em All"? SO EZ~

"Oh, esteemed CEO~ Hurry and welcome the 'Corporate Maidens' wives home~♡"


Ÿ   OMG!! Super exhilarating automatic rush through levels, extremely easy AFK development, overflowing your inventory with a plethora of fragmentary materials!

"Let us, the 'Corporate Maidens,' alongside the esteemed CEO, strive together amidst business and leisure!"


Ÿ   Exquisite realism meets fervent passion and lewd illustrations! From front to back, train bento, delicate H-scenes techniques, anything you desire, you can achieve! With plays from each "colour" and each "maiden," they'll drain your "stash" dry directly!

"Oh, esteemed CEO~ Tonight... I won't let you off the hook so easily! I won't let you 'get out of bed~♡'"


Ÿ   Whether it's "Sexy Maidens" or "Apple Maidens," a myriad of harem "Corporate Maidens" will always satisfy your quirks! Manipulate a hundred major corporations at your whim! Enter and exit the corporate gates as you please!

"Oh, esteemed CEO~ Come join us in Freya now! We're waiting for you~ Ov<☆"


Future updates

We will have regular maintenance and updates performed on every Tuesday. Mainly focusing on new events, new characters, new gift packs etc.


- Download apk to you Card.
- Install apk.
- Run the game.

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