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[18+] Shelter 69 (Nutaku) - VER. 1.7.15 Weak Enemy MOD APK

[18+] Shelter 69 (Nutaku) - VER. 1.7.15 Weak Enemy MOD APK

[18+] Shelter 69 (Nutaku) Weak Enemy MOD APK

[18+] Shelter 69 (Nutaku) - VER. 1.7.15

Hacks :


1. Menu

2. Weak Enemy
2.1. Very slow attackspeed
2.2 No Defence
2.3 Lower HP

4. Reward Slider x1-x50
4.1. Every Chest Gives items x1-50
4.2. Buy ressource(Metal/Stone) to gain x1-x50
4.3. Every Achievemt gives items x1-x50
4.4 Every quest Reward gives x1-x50


ex.: the original amount is 10 Gems. The reward you can see is 1000 Gems and you get 100 Gems.

Mod 2 features:

1. Damage x1-100
2. Defense x1-100
3. Bypass passed character
4. Instant expedition
5. Max lv shelter
6. Max lv character
7. Max lv weapon
8. Legendary character & equips
9. Zero cost
• Free crate boxes​
• Free upgrades​
• No item requirements​
• Free forges​
• Free flirts​
• Free enhances​
• Instant build​
10. Reward x1-10
- Dont go too high, check your shelter currency when enable this reward. If u have passive income shelter it does take effect too and will get minus numbers before u even realized. Turn it off whenever u done, check here how to recovered minus numbers.​
11. Max storage
• Intel​
• Metals​
• Stones​
• Inventory equips​
• Etc​

- Damage/defense must apply before enter battle, might crash if adjust during battle​
- Not everything is zero cost , u know when u encounter server error​
- Any injected level/legendary stuff no need to always ON, its permanent after your account is saved​

Summary of Game
They said that the apocalypse would mean raging fire, nukes blasting across oceans. That when you exit the bunker, the very sun would dim in the midst of nuclear winter. None of this happened.
The world crumbled as a single chromosome changed, and the males died out. As you emerge from your derelict bunker, you seem to be the last man alive. And a world full of women is for your taking.
Expand your shelter to accommodate an ever-increasing crew, discover the world of post-apocalyptic American West and survive in a land rich only in warfare, betrayal and crazy-hot girls. For some, you will be the promised savior, for others – another pawn in a never-ending game of wasteland conquest, or an extremely rare commodity to possess and exploit.

Key Features
- Expansive shelter management mechanics – utilize a variety of resources and old world artifacts while constantly expanding your base of operations, and your influence over the surrounding wasteland

- 40+ unique characters to interact with, seduce, order around the shelter and send on combat missions

- Discover a world torn by apocalypse over ten chapters of rich, story-driven campaign filled with scheming technocrats, lusty cultists and ax-crazy suicide squads.

- Whether it’s the base layout or your companions outfits – everyone and everything is under your total control

-   100+ animated sexscenes along pin-ups and room art rewarding your conquests


- Download apk to you Card.
- Install apk.
- Run the game.

Download :



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