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[18+] CamGirls Inc (Nutaku) - VER. 0.75 (Unlimited Currency) MOD APK

[18+] CamGirls Inc (Nutaku) - VER. 0.75 (Unlimited Currency) MOD APK

[18+] CamGirls Inc (Nutaku) (Free Level Up) MOD APK

[18+] CamGirls Inc (Nutaku) - VER. 0.78

Hacks :


1. Menu
2. Free Level up cost
3. Energy Rewards double your energy


1. Menu
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Unlimited Money

Mod 3:

1. Unlimited Currency
2. Skip 10 hours
3. Instant clear story/Event

Summary of Game
CamGirls Inc – an exciting simulator where you have to become the owner of an advertising agency that cooperates with models from online chats. The user opens his own business and can invite the most beautiful girls to his own team to do online broadcasts. In order to sign a contract with cute and charming girls, you must first conduct an interview, as well as collect a portfolio of potential participants. The most charming, outstanding and cute beauties will go on streams. There can be many viewers and fans to earn money. Therefore, bringing income to the campaign owner, who at that moment simply watches what is happening is the main target.

Key Features
Build your own sex empire from scratch: hire the lewdest models, fulfill all the contracts, and rise to the top of the business!

Become the best adult industry producer: obtain lucrative contracts, earn tons of cash, and live your life to the full!

Surround yourself with beautiful models: help them become the best in the online entertainment industry, make their (and your) dirtiest dreams come true!

Create a portfolio for each model: collect the girls’ best private photos.

Talk and flirt with the world’s most attractive girls: you have picked them yourself from thousands of contestants! You’ll be the only one to learn their most salacious secrets.

Receive a constant income stream: you’re the boss, everyone’s working for you. While you’re chilling, the models keep earning cash for you. Just don’t stop the bill counter!


- Download apk to you Card.
- Install apk.
- Run the game.

Download :



8 commentaires:

  1. how work the mod 2?i dont have unlimited diamonds

  2. Which mean I need to purchase diamonds with real money to get more of it

    1. open new acc then in tut you get 200 diamonds use the mod to get more

    2. Hey there, i have a "parsing failure" by installing mod 2, any idea? Thx a lot

  3. mod 2 is not possible now?