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Mighty Party Heroes Clash - VER. 40.0.0 Infinite (Gold - Gems) MOD APK

Mighty Party Heroes Clash - VER. 40.0.0 Infinite (Gold - Gems) MOD APK

Mighty Party Heroes Clash Weak Enemies MOD APK

Mighty Party Heroes Clash - VER. 40.0.0


Mod 1 features:

1. Infinite summons

Known issue:
So far only tested working on BS Pie, other emulators may not work
May or may not work on Android 13+
Possible solution is using VM eg. vphgaga/vmos


I'm Not Responsible For Any Bans , Mod At Your Own Risk , Tip: Don't Make It Obvious

[ Player Menu ]
Edit VIP Level
Edit Evolve Soul Price
Edit Journey Price
Edit Level Up Price
Edit Pitboss Health
Edit Shuffles
Unlimited Gold Mine Uses
Auto Play (In Any Mode)
Unlimited Summons (Not Recommeded)
Unlimited Resources(Not Recommeded)
Reward Multiplier(Not Recommeded, Can Bug Account)
Skip Tutorial

Banned Account (Mobile Users):- If Your Account Is Banned And You Want To Play With A New Account.

Install A Parallel Space App On Your Phone

Then Add Mighty Party Into Parallel Space.

Then Play Mighty Party From Parallel Space App With A New Account.

And If Your Account Is Banned From Parallel Space, Then Clear The Data Of Parallel Space And Repeat The Process Again.

Getting "Download Failed Because You May Not Have Purchased This App?" - To Fix This Do The Following:
Uninstall Mod

Go To Play Store And Install Offical Mighty Party App Open It And Then Just Uninstall

Install Mod Again And It Should Work Fine


- Version 1 Is A Recent One 11,999 Resources To Prevent Getting Bought Battle Pass End Icon
- Version 1.5 Is The Old One With 50,000 Resources

How To Install:

1: Uninstall If Installed Original Apk
2: Download Mod Apk
3: Install Mod Apk
5 Done Enjoy



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