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Real Racing 3 - VER. 12.5.4 Unlimited [Gold - Cash - Unlock all Cars] MOD APK

Real Racing 3 - VER. 12.5.4 Unlimited [Gold - Cash - Unlock all Cars] MOD APK

Real Racing 3 Unlimited [Gold - Cash - Unlock all Cars] MOD APK

Real Racing 3 - VER. 12.5.4

Play-store Link:


Mod features v1:
All content is playable
Senior Rewards
unlimited money
unlock all vehicles
Unlock all tracks
Unlock limited vehicles
Unlock VIP features

Mod features v2:
Reminder: The game has an archive, be sure to open the storage permission first before entering the game (if you enter the game and then open the storage permission, it may result in no archive)
Enter the game, if prompted to log in, click cancel (including 295 cars + 434 levels + 40,000 gold coins + 40 million RS + track progress unlock 40% + 4340 gold trophies + 5 LTD limited cars + all racing VIPs, etc.)

Mod 3 features:

After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, where you can enable stupid bots;
30 million R$, 4 million M$ and 15,000 helmets (if there is more, the account may be banned);
Many cars were purchased.

Mod 4 features:

1. Customizable of race event and laps.
2. Can choose any owned car to play with any circuit.
3. Racing helper such as autopilot, ghost car.
4. Bring replay tracking cameras into racing, such as drone, blimp.
5. Easy for endless endurance, get lots of fame points to quickly level up.
6. Get all rounds rewards for free.
7. Car Customization assistant: Unlock set of tire width and aspect ratio. Unlock 3 extra paints and Hyundai rims. Support personalisation for all cars.
8. Get all new cars for free: include expired cars and upcoming events cars.
9. Can VIP and fully upgrade all cars.
10. Remove XP requirements for upgrading drivers and principals in motorsports serial.
11. Log in a dummy account to unlock online racing.
12. Modify game money as you will.

How to use MOD 4 :

For serior player,
1. Use file explorer to rename game data folder, mostly is /Android/data/
2. Uninstall official game or other MOD.
3. Install this MOD and do not launch.
4. Change back data folder name of step one.
5. Launch game and enjoy it.

For noob, just install this MOD is OK.

** Only support arm64, so some x32 architecture devices are not supported! **
** If your device is rooted, it may not work well. Try running it in unrooted mode.**


- Save your Progress.
- Download apk to you Card.
- Install apk.
- Download your Data from the game.
- Run the game, Restore Your Save, and Connect to Facebook.

** Unsigned Version Added V1

- Download Original apk From Store.
- Download The Unsigned apk to your card.
- Make Sure Your Android is Patched
{Lucky Patcher: Toolbox >> Patch to Android>> Choose First Two Options >> Unchecked Dalvik Choice}
- Install org apk then Unsigned Over it, and Have Fun.

NOTE to avoid Ban.:

° Don't Buy Cars not related to Your level /career process 
° Don't overwrite app data with previous game data on Facebook, Google account ( Safe to log in) 
° Use both currency's to buy upgrades and cars
° Don't attempt to VIP car ( insta ban )
° Don't buy exclusive ( black & Gold labeled ) cars.
° Don't play online tournaments ( Back deta Delete cheat apk Download original app )



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