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Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG - VER. 1.115.4 Infinite (Gold - Diamonds) MOD APK

Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG - VER. 1.115.4 Infinite (Gold - Diamonds) MOD APK

Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG (God Mode) MOD APK

Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG - VER. 1.115.4


Guild of Heroes Fantasy RPG is one of the popular games on the Android platform, produced by Play Today, which I need to add the current version for my favorite game of strategy, RPG and war games. Your aim is to fight against your enemies and complete missions for the mystical world you are in with the warrior you control. Guild of Heroes Fantasy Because of the general difficulties experienced in RPG, MOD APK is a series of skills, namely, using special talent, fraudulent, automatic game open, unlimited life potion, free bag expansion, free recreation tricky. you can be ahead of time. You can use different equipment, dangerous enemies, long-term gameplay, and more. Guild of Heroes In Fantasy RPG new territories, creatures have been added and error handling has been done. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. Guild of Heroes has been downloaded more than 130,000 in Fantasy RPG Play Store.

MOD 1:

1. When you pay for something with diamonds your purchase will always be succesful.
2. Improvements for diamonds are free.
3. Everything bought for diamonds is free.
4. No Skill CD

Mod 2 features:

No skill delay;
Only in mod [No skill rollback / free purchases]: you can make purchases for diamonds, even if you do not have enough of them ( high ban chance ).
You use the mod at your own peril and risk - you may be blocked for using it!

Mod 3 features:

1. Damage multiplier x1-100
2. Defense multiplier x1-100
3. No cooldown
4. x2 Speed unlocked (Always enabled)
5. Potions Won't Decrease
6. Revive Cost 0
7. Achievements Unlocked (You can reclaim many times to get unlimited gems)
8. No Requriement to Upgrade weapon and armors
9. Unlock Slots for free
10. Anti-cheats bypassed (NOT guaranteed that you will be safe from ban, no mods are safe)

Don't ask me more features. I don't have time



1. How to unban an account? No way.
2. How not to sleep with the mod? I'll tell you in stages.
3. You do not need to install the mod, rush like a tiger at prey, undress top players, climb like an angry bull on a red rag to buy wings for your useless footprints.
4. Collect your serene rage into a fist. Let the monk out. Do not rush.
5. Let's go First of all, decide who you will play (magician warrior bow), go to lvl 9 calmly buying only an experience boost to open the chest, open the chest, open all the slots in the inventory and in the chest, buy the boosters necessary for your Persian, I advise the first half fill with a booster for experience, fill the second half of the sheet with whatever you want from the boosters, Do not buy a booster from the arena store, you will bring your chance to a ban by 60%.
6. If in the future you want to join or create a guild, then I do not advise buying a lot of gold, or your contribution will burn you very much)). If you do not want to join or create a guild, then score on this item and move on.
6 to 30 lvl Look for gear not exceeding 100k power from 30 to 70 not exceeding 500k power, more at your own peril and risk (because the so-called "radio operators" (children of radio operator Kat) will love you and offer your candidacy for a lifetime ban). There is no need to put top runes in your gear as if you were a "Bill Gates' grandson" megodonater. put both blue and purple. after a couple of lvl replace blue with purple. Developers must understand that you are the most honest player they have. But we know that: rolleyes:
7. Do not take off the set clothes of the ninja (sensei) from the tops, you will get 100% banned. Find a nerd with a set 5 star gear, for example, the Lord of Thunder (for a magician) does not need to be removed from him)). There is a set information function. Throw it out from there. (developed, too, are not fools) so put it in the 2nd sheet of the chest up to 150+ lvl. let the developers get used to your ID thinking that you are an honest player. But we know the truth: yes2: IT IS FORBIDDEN to wear it at low levels 100% ban
8. It is necessary to go to the arena (it is even necessary) but observing all of the above sub-points. Although most say that it is supposedly not necessary. You can, but be careful .. No need to try to fool the system in the arena. She's smarter than you. Go through the allowed 5 first arenas and calm down, go swing. over time, you will still break into the top. (but the current is observing the correct etiquette of entering the ring). Do not buy you expensive top players offered by the system, 100% of the ban is guaranteed, 90% of the progamers are the same as you BUT we are smarter. Save up everything that you get from the arena will come in handy at a high level of 100+,. Periodically harvesting runes)) from this store But do not put them.
9. Don't steal these costumes with a wolf face, they are available from 92 power levels. 100% ban. (since the release of Radio Operators is in full swing).

Error 110 means banned

NOTE: APK is x2 larger because I added new bypass for avoid detection.


- Download the APK and install
- Open the game and load game data
- Play





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