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[18+] Eros Fantasy (Nutaku) - VER. 1.17.1 (God Mode - High Attack) MOD APK

[18+] Eros Fantasy (Nutaku) - VER. 1.17.1 (God Mode - High Attack) MOD APK

[18+] Eros Fantasy (Nutaku)  (God Mode - High Attack) MOD APK

[18+] Eros Fantasy (Nutaku) - VER. 1.17.1

Hacks :


1. Menu
2. DMG x10
3. Def x10
4. One Hit Kill

Important: 4. Tutorial Skip for first stage bug

Mod 2 features:

1. Damage x1-100
2. Defense x1-100

NOTE: Turn on mod only after you done with tutorial

VIP Mod features:

1. Complete all Quest
2. (Images/Videos) Unlocked

Summary of Game
Eros Fantasy is an IDLE RPG game full of magic and sex. Travel through a fantastic world, meet, seduce and fuck the hottest humans, beastfolks, demon girls and mermaids! 

Each of the five factions of Eros Fantasy will be waiting for you to experience different sexplays and reveal and enjoy their secret sexual technique. Discover all of them on your journey to restore balance to the kingdom.

The plot of Eros Fantasy is a funny, free-wheeling riff on high fantasy anime both old and new. Each chapter is stuffed to the gills with charming homages to classic OVAs and modern isekai hits alike, making it a perfect game for the both the seasoned otaku and modern casual fan. As you fight through each fully automatic battle, firing off devastating manual special attacks along the way, you’ll come across (and maybe even inside) a fully stacked cast of girls inspired by all eras of contemporary Japanese fantasy. Maybe you love the slick modern look of girls like Gabriela and Audrey, or perhaps you’re more in the mood for the classic style evoked by Ivonne and Emy. Whatever kind of anime cuties you get off to, Eros Fantasy likely has one for you.

Key Features
●        35+ Girls (Humans, Beastfolks, Demons and Mermaids)

●        Amazing Fantasy Storyline with 120+ Hot Encounters

●        34+ Uncensored Scenes (12+ Animated)

●        Idle Combats with powerful special skills

●        Arena and Tournament PvP Modes

●        Special Events, Challenges and Journey Story Modes


- Download apk to you Card.
- Install apk.
- Run the game.

Download :



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