mercredi 8 septembre 2021

Criminal Case - VER. 2.38.2 Unlimited (Energy - Hint) MOD APK

Criminal Case - VER. 2.38.2 Unlimited (Energy - Hint) MOD APK

Criminal Case Unlimited (Energy - Clue) APK

Criminal Case - VER. 2.38.2

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Criminal Case is one of the most popular games of the Android platform which Pretty Simple studio takes on. Your goal is to solve the mysterious killings with the detective you control and bring the criminals to justice. Due to the general difficulties experienced in Criminal Case, MOD APK is offering unlimited energy fraudulent, unlimited tips and tricks, so you can enjoy the game to the full, solve the cases easily and complete the tasks. Long-term game structure, difficult to solve cases, criminals and more are waiting for you. Criminal Case version has been corrected. Turkish language support is available. The graphics are 2D-3D and sound quality is good. The controls can be provided with double fingers. Criminal Case was downloaded more than 3.960.000 from Play Store.

Mod v2:

Free Examines – The examines will cost you 0 stars, or talking or whatever it is called.

Free Scenes – You can play any scene without needing energy, you have to turn on free stages from MOD MENU and then play, don’t worry if it shows the high number, just play.


To solve Facebook login problem:
Uninstall Facebook app. Run game and press Login Facebook, it will open Browser, then you login your facebook. After that, you can install Facebook app again.



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  1. Please chick again about link it's showed to me " No longer available "
    Abu Ali

    1. problem fix thay dalete the files from the host
      you will find the password in rar file
      i hop this trik work