jeudi 25 novembre 2021

Lust Puzzle - VER. 3.2.3 Unlimited (Coins - Moves) MOD APK

Lust Puzzle - VER. 3.2.3 Unlimited (Coins - Moves) MOD APK

Lust Puzzle: Dating Simulator Unlimited (Coins - Moves) MOD APK

Lust Puzzle - VER. 3.2.3


1. MOD MENU // Remember to allow overlay/draw over other apps permission on android 6 and higher. if the menu doesn't show close the app from the background and open it again.
2. Free To Date (No Energy needed to go on a date)
3. Unlimited Coins (Get unlimited coins after a date)
4. Energy Recharges (High rate)
5. Unlimited Moves ( Moves will go negative after it reaches 0 but you can still play)
6. Instant Win ( Instant win ( Win instantly after the first move)
7. No Added Ads


1. Only necessary on Android 6+.
2. Open the app info for Lust Puzzle: Dating Simulator.
3. Go to permissions, enable Phone & Storage.
4. Go to advanced and activate overlay/draw over other apps permission.
-> Overlay permission might be located and named differently on each brand.


- Download apk to you Card.
- Install apk.
- Run the game.


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