dimanche 12 septembre 2021

Exiled Kingdoms RPG - VER. 1.3.1175 Full Version Unlocked MOD APK

Exiled Kingdoms RPG - VER. 1.3.1175 Full Version Unlocked MOD APK

Exiled Kingdoms RPG Full Version Unlocked MOD APK

Exiled Kingdoms RPG - VER. 1.3.1175


Exiled Kingdoms RPG is one of the famous games of Android platform undertaken by 4 Dimension Games which I need to add the current version for my teachers who love open world and RPG games. Your goal is to fight against your enemies within the mystical world you are in with the character you control, to complete tasks and try to survive. Due to the financial problems and general difficulties experienced in Exiled Kingdoms RPG, MOD APK is offering unlimited money fraudulent, full version fraudulent, so you can enjoy the game to the full, you can continue the story without any restrictions. Dangerous enemies, long-term play structure, dozens of items you can use and more are waiting for you. Exiled Kingdoms RPG version of the error arrangements have been made and forgotten Lore has been added to the task. The graphics are 2D-3D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. Exiled Kingdoms RPG has been downloaded more than 50,000 in the Play Store.

Mod V1


Mod V2

Mod V2
(Unlocked / Coin in plus)
1: The Reset Bug is defeated!

2: All imboshmotki for any class I distributed to different enemies:

Light guns + bow and rings: Goblins

One-Handed Weapons + Wands / Staffs: Zombies

Two-handed implements + 1/2 part of Imbouri (among them the Force Belt;)): Skeletons (they do not have volumes)

2/2 part of Imbombo: Bandits

Rod of the Dead Kings: Remembering the Battle

Drop out from all the enemies from the above list: Strong Mana Potion, Epic Omelette, Medpack, Volume pumping (except skeletons)

The drop rate of the above enemies is 100%! Collect a drop in them, make your character Imboi, sell them and farm thousands of them, millions of coins!

3: The mod will be updated a few days after the update of the game and sometimes when updating the mod for the new version of the game will be added an additional drop to different enemies, sometimes a little more often.


1. Download .APK file below
2. Install . APK file
3. Enjoy!




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