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How to Backup - Android (Non-Rooted - Rooted) Phone Apps and Game

How to Backup - Android (Non-Rooted - Rooted) Phone Apps and Game

How to Backup - Android (Non-Rooted - Rooted) Phone Apps and Game

 Helium (Non-Rooted)

How to Install

1. Download the Helium app on your Android.
3. Connect your Android to your PC with a USB cable.

4. Enable USB Debugging on your Android.
5. You might be asked to switch your USB connection type to PTP (camera mode).
6. You'll be prompted to accept your computer's RSA key.

Once you've paired the two devices you'll have enabled Helium backups. / © ANDROIDPIT
7. You'll see a green check mark in the Helium window on your PC, letting you know that the connection has been made and Helium backups are now enabled.

8. You'll see the same message on your Android. You can now disconnect your Android from your PC.
9. Note that if you turn your Android off you'll need to reestablish the connection between Helium on your phone and on your PC.

How to Backup

1. On your Android you'll see you have two tabs in Helium: Backup and Restore & Sync. The first tab lets you choose which apps you want to back up by placing a check mark next to them.
2. If you want to save all your apps, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You will see a summary of your backup choices as well as the option to Select All.

3. You can choose to backup everything (apps and data) or just the data (which is faster). In the latter case, if you restore your backup at a later date you'll simply have to manually reinstall your apps. Note that there are some apps Helium can't back up. They are listed at the bottom.
4. The slide up window is also where you hit the Backup button. When you hit Backup you will be asked where you want to save your backup: internal or external storage or a cloud service (Pro version only).

5. In the Restore and Sync tab you can connect a cloud service for storing and accessing your backups. You can also access saved backups on your internal memory or connect with your other devices.
6. When you make your selection you may be prompted to ensure you have no password set for full backups, or to enter your device's PIN or password if you are encrypted. Once you've done this the backup will complete.

7. When it comes time to restore your backup, simply open the Restore & Sync tab and locate your backup. You can also connect to the Helium sever for PC downloads.

 Titanium (Rooted Phone)

2. Start the app and grant it root privileges. You'll be asked to read some disclaimers and so on (this is a good idea).

Titanium needs superuser permission in order to do full backups.
3. You need to have USB Debugging enabled on your phone.
4. In Titanium you'll see three tabs. One is an Overview tab with information on your device, the second is Backup/Restore where all the fun stuff takes place and the third is for scheduling regular backups.
5. Go to the Backup and Restore tab. You'll see a list of your phone's contents along with icons that indicate whether or not they have been backed up. Triangular warning signs mean you have no backup and smiley faces are pretty self explanatory.

Overview provides information on your device and Backup/Restore is where the fun begins.
6. If you want to back up your system data or apps, tap the little document with a check mark on it at the top. This will take you to the batch actions list.
7. You can then tap Run next to whatever action you want completed. If you want to back up your apps, tap Run next to Backup all User Apps and if you want to back up your system data tap Run next to Backup all System Data.

Batch Actions gives you options to back up apps, data and much more.
8. Titanium will then go through the process of creating your backup. This may take a while.
9. Once completed, your backup will be labeled with the date and saved. You can also create an file to be flashed through recovery if you like, or you can restore through Titanium itself.
10. To restore in Titanium, just go to the Batch Actions screen again and scroll down. You'll see options under the Restore setting for the actions you completed earlier: in this case, Restore all apps with data and Restore all system data.

Restoring apps and system data is equally easy.
11. Tap Run next to the actions you want to restore.
12. You'll then have the option to restore everything you backed up or just some sections of it. Make your choices and tap the green check mark in the top right-hand corner.

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